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December 2017

Brockville and District Hospital Foundation Donors Provide Warmth for Brockville General Hospitalís Day Surgery Patients

Blanket Warmer

Pictured: From left to right are Brockville and District Hospital Foundation Board Director, Mary Lynn O'Shaughnessy, donors Ernie and Jennifer Harper holding a warm blanket, Brockville General Hospital Registered Practical Nurses, Donna Burley and Jenn Gregus.

Ernie Harper, and his wife Jennifer, generously donated $5,200 to the Brockville and District Hospital Foundation to purchase a Blanket Warmer for BGH’s Day Surgery.

Ernie and Jennifer receive the foundation’s Caring Times Newsletter and saw the need for the blanker warmer in the newsletter’s Needs List. At Brockville General Hospital (BGH), there is always a requirement for new equipment with some items costing hundreds of thousands of dollars while others are less than $5,000.00. That’s where the Caring Times “Needs List” comes in. BGH Directors provide the foundation with the low cost equipment items to feature in the newsletter. BHDF Executive Director, Joan Simon is quick to note that within a day or two of the newsletter being mailed out the foundation begins receiving calls from donors wishing to purchase a needed item.

For donors like Ernie and Jennifer, "It's a small gesture but it means so much to us and I am very happy that we were able to do this," stated Jennifer.

As for the nurses in Day Surgery, they are delighted to be able to offer this benefit. "It's wonderful for the patients, as it relaxes them," said Registered Practical Nurse Donna Burley. "Once we have admitted them, it gives them warmth, comfort and brings down their anxiety, providing a feeling that everything will be okay. It’s like a comfortable, warm hug!"

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Brockville and District Hospital Foundation Surpasses Annual Appeal Goal in Raising over $163,000.00 for a CT Colonography and Diagnostic Imaging Support System for Brockville General Hospitalís Diagnostic Imaging Department

BDH Foundation

Pictured: L- R seated: Board Vice-Chair, Heather Halladay, Board Chair, Scott MacCrimmon, Board Past Chair, Ruth Lockett. Standing L-R: Linda Hansen, Heather Howard, Brockville General Volunteer Association Representative, Sandra Devaney, Dennis Hudson, Mary Lynn O'Shaughnessy, Chris Puddicombe, Maureen Fraser, Ainslie Coleman, Brockville General Hospital President & CEO Nick Vlacholias and Jamie Wright. Missing from the photo is foundation board member, Marilies Rettig.

The Brockville and District Hospital Foundation (BDHF) is extremely pleased to announce that they have reached the target goal of raising $125,000 for a CT Colonography and Diagnostic Imaging Support System for Brockville General Hospital (BGH). Not only was the goal reached, but was surpassed reaching over $163,000.00 well before the December 31st, 2017 deadline. 

“The response to this year’s fundraising campaign has been wonderful. The money will lead directly to improved care for our community in many ways, not just better colon cancer screening. Thank you everyone who contributed.” ~ Dr. Kevin Tyler MD FRCPC Chief of Radiology 

“On behalf of the physicians at the Brockville General Hospital, we would like to thank the public at large for their tremendous support and generosity. With the newly acquired technology, we will be more effective in identifying and ultimately treating colorectal cancer in our community.” ~ Dr. Karim Somani MD FRCSC 

“I am continuously humbled at the overwhelming generosity of Brockville and the surrounding communities,” stated BDHF’s Executive Director, Joan Simon. “The BHDF Board, and staff, is very grateful to all who supported the 2017 Annual Appeal.”

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Brockville and District Hospital Foundation Addresses the Need for Four Ultrasound Beds at Brockville General Hospital

Ultrasound Bed

Pictured: From left to right are Nathan Tompkins, Manager of Diagnostic Imaging, Dennis Hudson, Brockville and District Hospital Foundation Director, Sonographers, Lynne Leroux, Francine Sylvain, Nicole Jones, Tian Gan and Norman White.

Recently, four state-of-the-arts Ultrasound Beds, or Sono Beds, were purchased by the Brockville and District Hospital Foundation (BDHF) for use in the Diagnostic Imaging Department at the Brockville General Hospital (BGH).

According to Nathan Tompkins, Manager of Diagnostic Imaging, this purchase will provide the patient with a more comfortable and safer examination as these beds have hand rails and other safety facets.

As well, for the staff, there are health and safety features, easier access to the patient with moveable cut-outs, electronic height adjustment and effortless bed movability.
"We are prioritizing patient and staff safety by really looking at the equipment we have, and how we can promote health and safety in the Diagnostic Imagining Department to provide the services to our community, that we want to provide."

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Shoppers Drug Mart Customers Show Support Through Shoppers Drug Martísí ďGrowing Women's Health CampaignĒ with Donations of $30,982 to BGHís Cardiovascular Program

Shoppers Drug Mart



Pictured: From left to right are Mark Leslie (Shoppers Drug Mart uptown Brockville), Brockville General Hospital President and CEO Nick Vlacholias and Carolyn Burpee (Shoppers Drug Mart downtown Brockville and Prescott), donating a total of $30,982.

On Wednesday, December 13th, Shoppers Drug Mart owners and pharmacists, Mark Leslie (Brockville uptown location) and Carolyn Burpee (Prescott and Brockville downtown locations) presented Brockville General Hospital's President and CEO Nick Vlacholias with cheques totaling $30,982.

These funds are from kind customers giving to the Growing Women's Health Campaign.

One hundred per cent of the donations were directed to Brockville General Hospital’s Cardiovascular Program. "It (cardiovascular) is one of the largest diseases   that we see, besides cancer," indicated Carolyn. 

Having this program locally provides less stress for family members and loved ones in transporting the participants out of town. This program is not government funded and the funds stay locally. Carolyn and Mark want to thank their customers at all three stores, and their staff, for all their fundraising efforts.

"It's the community giving back to the community," said Mark. "We are just the vehicle."

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The Joyce Group (Tim Hortons Brockville) Smile Cookie Campaign Purchases a Panda Warmer Infant Health Centre for Brockville General Hospitalís Women and Children's Program

Tim Hortons Cookie



Cheque presented by, left to right are: From the Joyce Group, Owner, Shane Joyce, Tim Hortons Operations Manager, Julia Myers, Brockville and District Foundation board member, Linda Hansen, BGH Manager of Women and Children's Program, Kellie Kitchen, and BDH Foundation Executive Director, Joan Simon. Seated, left to right are: From the Joyce Group, Natasha Avis and Tim Hortons General Manager, Trudy Primeau.

With smiles from ear to ear, Brockville General Hospital’s Women and Children's Program staff are appreciative of the fundraising efforts of The Joyce Group for the Smile Cookie campaign held at their five Brockville Tim Hortons locations.

The generous donation of $14,892 will go towards the purchase of a Panda Warmer Infant Care Centre. This means that the Brockville General Hospital’s clinical team can use the Panda to give direct heat to an infant and makes weighing a baby easier.

"Although the Smile Cookie campaign is a national campaign, we like to give back to the community, and this is very important to us," said Natasha Avis. "It’s a good cause that we stand behind and that we love doing! Natasha added, “During the Smile Campaign the staff have fun as it’s totally different from normal operations, and it is nice at the end of the day to see where the money that is raised goes….it's a lot of work, but it’s a fun week for a great cause."

Since 2008, The Joyce Group has held the Smile Cookie campaign, raising a total of $105,821 all donated to the Brockville and District Hospital Foundation.

For more information on the Brockville and District Hospital Foundation, or to make a donation, please contact the Brockville and District Hospital Foundation at, 613-345-4478.

Thank you for bringing Smiles to our Community!

The $14,199 cheque, along with the funds raised at both BGH sites, brings the total amount raised to $14,892.

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Pictured in BGH’s Cardiovascular Clinic (l-r): Bring and Buy Sale event organizer, Jean Sutcliffe, BGH Cardiovascular Program Kinesiologist, Travis Coughlin and Bring and Buy event co-organizer, Sheila Brokloff. Missing from the picture is Bring and Buy event co-organizer, Shirley Ashenden.

Jean Sutcliffe of Maitland, Ontario decided she wanted to give back to Brockville General Hospital’s Cardiovascular Program. What better way to do so than by hosting a traditional British “Bring and Buy Sale”.

One might ask, “What, exactly, is a Bring and Buy Sale?” According to the Collins English Dictionary the definition of a Bring-and-Buy Sale: Is a sale to which people bring things for others to buy usually in order to raise money for charity.

And, buy they did! Ms. Sutcliffe held the event at her beautiful home in Maitland, Ontario on Wed., Nov. 8th, 2017 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. With the help from co-organizers, Sheila Brokloff, and Shirley Ashenden, an astounding $4,610.00 was raised at the event for BGH’s Cardiovascular Program!

The BCP receives no government funding and relies solely on generous community donors, and hardworking, dedicated groups and individuals such as Jean Sutcliffe’s Bring and Buy Sale.

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