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Needs List

NL1Accumax Pressure Redistribution Surface for the Medical/Surgical UnitsPatients admitted to hospital are at risk of developing a pressure injury also called a pressure ulcer.  The Accumax Pressure Redistribution Surface is a mattress that has dynamic pressure redistribution to help prevent and manage skin breakdown as well as maximize patient comfort. 

6 needed - Cost: $5,000 for all six. 


Phlebotomy Cart

Phlebotomy Cart for the Laboratory Department  
Allows phlebotomists the opportunity to spend more time on patient floors and less time heading back to the lab for fresh supplies. This cart offers a variety of storage compartments and tilt bins for their phlebotomy supplies.

2 needed - Cost: $2427.94 for both. 



CARESCAPE V100 portable vital signs monitor needed for the Medical /Surgical Unit


On the unit, the patient’s vital signs are closely monitored as part of their ongoing clinical assessment. Having an automatic blood pressure monitor provides a clinician with the ability to monitor and take readings as necessary that are fast, accurate and more comfortable for patients, in order to provide a clear clinical picture.

One needed - Cost: $5,000. 



Centrifuge for Clinical Laboratory
Laboratory results are used to screen, diagnosis or monitor disease states. Once a blood sample is collected in most cases the specimen needs to be centrifuged so that the specimen can be tested. A centrifuge is a laboratory instrument that rotates a specimen at a high speed to separate the sample (serum from cells) for analysis. There are many different centrifuge models and it is the most common instrument found in the laboratory. It is important to have an additional centrifuge in order to continue to meet the turnaround times for clinical decisions.

One needed - Cost: $6,750.  


Chemo Chair

Chemo Chair
Through our partnership with the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, the number of local patients receiving chemotherapy in the ACU is increasing steadily. Whether patients are here for a couple of hours or the better part of a day, specially designed chairs are an important part of making our patients as comfortable as possible during treatment.  

One needed - Cost: $4,000.