Brockville and District Hospital Foundation Donors Provide Warmth for Brockville General Hospitalís Day Surgery Patients

Blanket Warmer

Pictured: From left to right are Brockville and District Hospital Foundation Board Director, Mary Lynn O'Shaughnessy, donors Ernie and Jennifer Harper holding a warm blanket, Brockville General Hospital Registered Practical Nurses, Donna Burley and Jenn Gregus.

Ernie Harper, and his wife Jennifer, generously donated $5,200 to the Brockville and District Hospital Foundation to purchase a Blanket Warmer for BGH’s Day Surgery.

Ernie and Jennifer receive the foundation’s Caring Times Newsletter and saw the need for the blanker warmer in the newsletter’s Needs List. At Brockville General Hospital (BGH), there is always a requirement for new equipment with some items costing hundreds of thousands of dollars while others are less than $5,000.00. That’s where the Caring Times “Needs List” comes in. BGH Directors provide the foundation with the low cost equipment items to feature in the newsletter. BHDF Executive Director, Joan Simon is quick to note that within a day or two of the newsletter being mailed out the foundation begins receiving calls from donors wishing to purchase a needed item.

For donors like Ernie and Jennifer, "It's a small gesture but it means so much to us and I am very happy that we were able to do this," stated Jennifer.

As for the nurses in Day Surgery, they are delighted to be able to offer this benefit. "It's wonderful for the patients, as it relaxes them," said Registered Practical Nurse Donna Burley. "Once we have admitted them, it gives them warmth, comfort and brings down their anxiety, providing a feeling that everything will be okay. It’s like a comfortable, warm hug!"

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