“The BCP gives support to people recovering from heart surgery or episodes, guiding them into healthy post-surgery lives,” says Geraghty. “Having such a resource in our own community means the families also benefit with little loss of time or money from having to make long drives for follow-up sessions with their loved ones.”
- Adrian Geraghty

BDHF Third Party Fundraiser Guidelines

THANK YOU so much for your interest in supporting Brockville General Hospital. It is because of people and groups like you that make it possible for BGH to maintain the quality of healthcare that our community has come to expect.

What is an Independent Partnership?
Independent Partnership events are those created and hosted by community individuals and groups to raise funds. Each event targets a specific equipment or program need.

How important are third party events?
The Foundation relies on the support and generosity of our community groups to host events that not only fundraise for specific needs within the BGH, but also raise awareness about the equipment or service in need of support. Independent Partnership events are critical to the Foundation’s mandate to support the hospital and vital to maintaining our connections with the people that we serve.

Can I designate my donation to a specific area of the hospital?
Yes, you may choose to make your gift restricted to a particular program or department. All funds donated are used for the purchase of equipment or to fund programs, such as Brockville General Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and Palliative Care Program which are not government funded.

How do I know if my donation goes to the area requested?
Upon receipt of your donation the amount is entered into the BDHF database and at that time it is given a category code. As a donor you will receive a tax receipt which will indicate your area of designation.

What areas can I direct my donation to?
There are a number of areas where donations can be directed to. Some examples are: Priority Equipment needs, Palliative Care Program, Women and Children's Program, Surgical Program, Brockville General Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, and Critical Care Program.

You, the donor, may wish to identify a particular area that is of interest to you or your family. The Foundation welcomes the opportunity to discuss with you how your donation can make a difference.

How Can We Help with Your Event?

The Brockville and District Hospital Foundation is extremely appreciative of the volunteers who manage third party events to benefit its programs. BDHF is limited in the amount of assistance it can provide a third-party event. Volunteer third-party management of the event or project minimizes the cost per dollar raised for our programs and allows the Foundation staff to continue the work they are already doing to support the mission of the BDH Foundation.

The BDHF can provide the following:

  • Advice and suggestions on event planning, as time allows.
  • A letter of authorization to be used to validate the authenticity and intention of the event and its organizers.
  • Promotion of your event, when appropriate, to the BDHF members and community through regular advertising venues such as our website, newsletters and internal communications.
  • Acknowledge and provide tax receipts for contributions made payable and submitted to The Brockville and District Hospital Foundation.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Third-party events may not be represented as events sponsored by the BDHF.
  • Promotions for the event should reflect BDHF as a beneficiary, and not conducting the event (ie. "Proceeds from this event will benefit the BDHF”).
  • The use of the BDHF logo, trademark or photos is reserved for events conducted by the Foundation itself. Therefore, any requests for the use of the BDHF logo or trademark must undergo approval.
  • All references to BDHF in publicity and promotional materials for the event or promotions should refer to "Brockville and District Hospital Foundation.”

The Brockville and District Hospital Foundation (BDHF) takes pride in their fundraising initiatives and how these funds are used for the benefit of current and future patients of Brockville General Hospital.