Terms of Donation

I hereby authorize and appoint Donate a Car Canada Inc. as my duly authorized agent to sell my vehicle as described below for the purpose of raising a charitable donation. Donate a Car Canada Inc. will facilitate all aspects of the sale process, seeking to ensure the best donation outcome possible for my chosen charity. After the sale of my donated vehicle is complete, I will receive a charitable receipt from my chosen charity for an amount equal to the net proceeds (sale price, less expenses).

Vehicle Registration (Title, Ownership)

Donor is Registered Owner

By submitting this form as the Registered Owner, I certify that I am the registered owner of this vehicle and will provide herewith my vehicle registration document as proof of ownership. In the event that I do not provide my ownership document, or if it is lost in transit to the selling agent, I authorize Donate a Car Canada and/or the selling agent to pull a duplicate copy of proof of ownership on this vehicle.

Donor is Not Registered Owner

While not the legally registered vehicle owner, I hereby acknowledge that I am acting on behalf of a family member, loved one, or business with their express permission and/or the legal authority to do so. If acting Power of Attorney/Estate Executor, I have documentation to prove my legal right.

Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of ownership will occur when I, the registered owner or representative thereof, signs the Previous Owner field of the vehicle registration documents, understanding that the vehicle will be purchased by the assigned recycler, or an auction sale client. Finalization of the transfer of ownership process will be carried out by said agent upon completion of the sale process.

Cancellation of Vehicle Registration (Title/Ownership)

It is my responsibility to cancel my vehicle registration with my provincial Registries/Ministry of Transportation. It is recommended that I do so shortly after pick up of my recycled vehicle donation, or upon DACC’s notification of the final sale of my auctioned vehicle donation.

License Plate(s)

License plates are the property of the vehicle’s registered owner and it is my responsibility as the owner to have them removed prior to towing. Where that is not possible, Donate a Car Canada will make every effort to make arrangements with towing agents to have plates removed on my behalf. License plates that are not removed prior to towing will be recycled (shredded, crushed, or otherwise rendered unusable) to ensure that they cannot be used by an unregistered party.

Imported Vehicles

If my vehicle is registered in another country, it is understood that I must inform Donate a Car Canada of that fact before pick up or processing can occur. If my vehicle was previously registered in another country, I will provide proof of Canadian import and/or Canadian registration to allow Donate a Car Canada to proceed with resale in order to raise a charitable donation. Failing to provide said documents will result in my vehicle being rejected by the program, or recycled for scrap, as DACC cannot resell a vehicle with out of country registration.

Transport of my Donated Vehicle

Donate a Car Canada will arrange to have transport of my vehicle scheduled, by appointed towing agents, in a timely manner. It is expected that agents will call within 48 hours of donation assignment to call my tow contact to arrange tow timing. It is understood that weekends, statutory holidays, and unforeseen circumstances, including weather conditions, may delay this contact.

Illegally Parked or Impounded Vehicles

If I leave my vehicle parked illegally or un-plated, prior to towing, DACC will hold no responsibility and/or liability whatsoever should my car be impounded and/or fined under the Traffic Act as a result.

Condition of Vehicle

Please note that if the condition of your donated vehicle/boat/motorcycle/RV is not as declared on your original submission form, Donate a Car Canada reserves the right to reduce your donation outcome accordingly. If, for example, there are undeclared missing parts, or if there is body damage that was not noted at the time of submission, agents may offer a reduced sale price, potentially leaving nothing for donation to your chosen charity, or your tax receipt.

Donation Cancellation

I may at any time, until such time as my donated vehicle has been picked up by the assigned agent, request that my donation through the Donate a Car Canada Inc. program be cancelled with no penalty to myself.

Sale of my Donated Vehicle

I understand that Donate a Car Canada is not buying my car, but that that they are facilitating the sale through the process of either recycling or auctioning. The method and point of sale will be at the discretion and control of Donate a Car Canada Inc. and be subject to the availability of said agents in my geographical area. The net proceeds from such sale are hereby assigned to the charity named herein.

If said agent is an area recycler/scrap yard, they will dispose of the vehicle in accordance with their own good practices. This may include crushing the vehicle, parting the vehicle out, or repairing and re-selling the vehicle to offset their own business costs and losses. This will be at the discretion of said agent, and is, in no way, a reflection on Donate a Car Canada or the vehicle donation process.


I, the donor, will not be held responsible for fees related to the donation, transport, or sale process of my donated vehicle. I understand that expenses will be drawn from the sale outcome. These expenses will be at the discretion of DACC and their appointed selling agents.

At Auction those fees may include towing, hiker (driver), fuel, selling/administration fees, lien or title searches, boosting fees, or other charges specifically related to the sale of my donated vehicle. Such fees will be removed from the final sale amount. It is understood that both DACC and their appointed auction agents will actively seek to keep fees to a minimum in the interests of ensuring the strongest donation outcome possible. Should the sale of my donated vehicle and the pursuant fees result in a loss to the auction agent, the agent, or DACC, will assume responsibility for those charges with no costs charged to me, the donor.

Missing registration/ownership/title documents upon our receiving your vehicle will result in an administrative fee of $35.00 ( in addition to our regular fees) to be deducted from your final donation outcome. A vehicle without original registration/ownership/title documentation cannot be sold at auction and will be deemed recycle only. If you do not have the original registration/ownership/title, but wish to go ahead with your donation, please contact us immediately for further instruction.

On Recycle-ready donations fees applied may include selling/administration fees. Recycle agents will provide a flat-rate donation outcome with the understanding that their own costs have been removed prior to making an offer on the donated unit.

Liens and Encumbrances are an exception to this no-fee policy. Should it be determined by the selling agent, via a lien search, that there is a lien against my vehicle, I will promptly provide official documentation from the lien holder, thereby proving that the lien has been cleared. I will provide a letter of lien release directly to the selling agent, thereby making it legal for the donation/sale process to move forward according to the terms and conditions herein. If I am unable to provide said documentation, I will be held liable for the cost of initial transport to the seller's property, as well as for the removal from said property. I may be charged other related fees including, but not limited to, yard storage and/or document searches.

After the Sale of my Donated Vehicle

I have provided a current mailing address for tax receipting purposes and, in the event of a move, will keep said information up to date until such time as my tax receipt is received.

It is understood that payment of net proceeds (sale price, less seller and transport expenses) from the sale of my donated vehicle will be sent to Donate a Car Canada Inc. by the selling agent. Upon receipt of payment, DACC will apply a small administration fee (less than 20% of the sale price) and forward the net proceeds to my named charity. The charity will then issue a tax receipt, in the name of the registered vehicle owner, to the address noted herein, within 4 – 8 weeks.

Invitation to New Charities

In the event that I have requested the invitation of a charity new to the DACC program, it is understood that Donate a Car Canada Inc. will make every effort to engage my first choice organization in the DACC program. Should said charity refuse or delay in responding to the DACC invitation, or in the event of an atypical sale process, my donation will default to the charity named as my second choice charity.

Delayed Payment and Calendar Year Exceptions

DACC will endeavor to ensure that all aspects of submission receipt, transport, sale, and tax receipting occur in timely and efficient manner. It is understood that if a donation submission occurs near the end of the calendar year it may not be possible to complete the donation process in a manner that will allow for the application of said tax receipt to apply to the same calendar year's income tax claims. It is also understood that if sellers are delinquent in their payments the donation and receipting process may be delayed, thereby affecting the timing and application of my tax receipt.


These Terms of Donation together with the details of your donation submission constitute the entire agreement between you and Donate a Car Canada Inc.

The delay or failure of Donate a Car Canada Inc. to act with respect to any aspect of these Terms of Donation does not constitute grounds for liability. DACC will endeavor to meet all obligations under these Terms of Donation, understanding that delay or failure due to causes beyond its control may arise, including, without limitation: weather-related delays, lack of availability of service in a geographic area, and failure of assigned agents to meet agreed upon expectations. In the event of such disruptions, DACC will endeavor to resolve and respond in as timely a manner possible. Where resolution cannot be reached, DACC reserves the right to cancel a donation.


Donate a Car Canada Inc.’s website personal information practices, including the collection, use and/or disclosure of your personal information and/or vehicle information are stipulated in DACC’s privacy policy. Please review this privacy policy.