BDHF Third Party Fundraiser Guidelines

THANK YOU so much for your interest in supporting Brockville General Hospital. It is because of people and groups like you that make it possible for BGH to maintain the quality of healthcare that our community has come to expect.

How Can We Help with Your Event?

The Brockville and District Hospital Foundation is extremely appreciative of the volunteers who manage third party events to benefit its programs. BDHF is limited in the amount of assistance it can provide a third-party event. Volunteer third-party management of the event or project minimizes the cost per dollar raised for our programs and allows the Foundation staff to continue the work they are already doing to support the mission of the BDH Foundation.

The BDHF can provide the following:

  • Advice and suggestions on event planning, as time allows
  • A letter of authorization to be used to validate the authenticity and intention of the event and its organizers
  • Promotion of your event, when appropriate, to the BDHF members and community through regular advertising venues such as our website, newsletters and internal communications
  • Acknowledge and provide tax receipts for contributions made payable and submitted to The Brockville and District Hospital Foundation

Marketing and Promotion

  • Third-party events may not be represented as events sponsored by the BDHF.
  • Promotions for the event should reflect BDHF as a beneficiary, and not conducting the event (ie. "Proceeds from this event will benefit the BDHF” )
  • The use of the BDHF logo, trademark or photos is reserved for events conducted by the Foundation itself. Therefore, any requests for the use of the BDHF logo or trademark must undergo approval.
  • All references to BDHF in publicity and promotional materials for the event or promotions should refer to "Brockville and District Hospital Foundation”