Brockville and District Hospital Foundation


The government does not fund capital equipment purchases for hospitals – Donors Do.

Over the next 2 years, the Brockville General Hospital will need to replace and upgrade urgently needed equipment at a cost of over $12 Million. As the fundraising arm of the hospital, the Foundation will be planning strategically to achieve this goal.

Minor Equipment Needs

As with any hospital, medical equipment needs are great, and ongoing. Equipment reaches its end of lifecycle much sooner than in the past, and improvements in diagnosis and treatment require new technology. As a result of new medical procedures and technologies, BGH’s needs continue to grow.


An otoscope is a tool which shines a beam of light to help visualize and examine the condition of the ear canal and eardrum. Examining the ear can reveal the cause of symptoms such as an earache, the ear feeling full, or hearing loss.

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hover mattress

Hover Mattress

Hover mattresses assist health care workers with lateral patient transfers and patient repositioning. With this revolutionary hove air system, the mattress and the patient float on a cushion of air allowing caregivers to safely transfer patients without lifting or straining.

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