Brockville and District Hospital Foundation



Q: Will there be any changes to the main entrance?

A: There will be a new larger main entrance and round-about (including a dedicated bus lane and patient pick up/drop off). The entrance will include an extended covered walkway. 

A secondary entrance, off Pearl Street, will be introduced. The secondary entrance will lead into the Mental Health Service area. 

Q: Will the Project include upgrades to the Emergency Department?

A: The Project does not include changes to the Emergency Department. 

However, BGH will continue to review any operational needs. As a part of standard hospital operations, renovations to the Emergency Department triage and waiting area are scheduled for March 2018.    

Q: Are all beds being replaced, or will older beds be transferred to the new tower?

A: Part of the cost for the Project includes new equipment, such as new beds.

Q: Will there be patient lifts in all of the new rooms?

A: There will be patient ceiling lifts in every Complex Continuing Care, Rehabilitation and Palliative Care patient room. These will enhance the delivery of quality, safe care. 

Q: Will patients have green spaces available for use?

A: There will be outdoor garden terraces on each patient level. 

Q: How many parking spaces are there presently at the Charles Street site and how many will we end up with when the Project is completed?

A: There are presently 445 parking spots. Following Project completion, there will be 780 available parking spots.



Q: What will happen to the existing Mental Health Inpatient Unit on the 3rd Floor at Charles Street?

A: BGH’s inpatient mental health program, currently housed on the 3rd Floor at the Charles Street site, will expand and be relocated to the new tower, following the completion of the Project. BGH leadership is currently involved in planning discussions for the decanted space. 

Q: Where can people smoke once the Project is completed?

A: All Ontario hospitals, including BGH, must comply with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and the Electronic Cigarettes Act which bans smoking on all hospital property (including vehicles parked on hospital property). Anyone who wishes to smoke is required to leave hospital property.

Q: Will the televisions, which are permanently installed in patient rooms, be a service that patients are charged for?

A: Currently, patients have the option to purchase television services through a vendor program. There is a fee for this service, with the exception patients using palliative care rooms.

Q: Why aren’t the medical/surgical units (located on 1 East and 2 East) included in this Project?

A: The scope of the Project reviewed and agreed upon by Infrastructure Ontario and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. As part of standard operating procedure, BGH will continue to review any operational and/or patient care needs and make the appropriate requests to the government.

Q: What will happen to the Garden Street site?

A: BGH leases the Garden Street Site from the Sisters of Providence. BGH is unaware of their intentions are for the site after the Hospital vacates. 

Q: Will parking rates increase?

A: BGH, like all Ontario hospitals, must comply with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care which outlines parking lot fees. As a result, parking rates at BGH are not anticipated to increase as a result of the Project. 

Q: With the Project, will there be an increase in hospital staff? 

A: The Project will see an increase by 22 patient care beds. BGH is conducting operating reviews to address any support needs to provide the best patient care.

Q: Will BGH get an MRI?

A: The Project scope does not include an MRI.