November 2019

The Brockville and District Hospital Foundation Kicks off Its 2019 Annual Appeal to Raise $250,000 for Brockville General Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging Department

November 1st, 2019 marks day one of the Brockville and District Hospital Foundation’s (BHDF) Annual Appeal. This year, the BDHF needs to raise $250,000 to purchase three new ultra sound machines for Brockville General Hospital’s (BGH) Diagnostic Imaging Department.

Just like our home electronics, ongoing advances in technology require regular updates to medical equipment. At BGH, there are currently four operational ultrasound machines ranging from 7-16 years old. Updating these ultrasound machines will provide better and safer outcomes for patients in our community.

Dr. Tyler and Dr. Hynd share why the ultrasound upgrade is so important:

The most important part of updating our ultrasound equipment is the newer technology that allows us to see the tissues much clearer. This means we will see cancers and other pathology in more detail and at smaller sizes. It also makes procedures easier, safer and expands the range of procedures we can provide.”

Dr. Kevin Tyler, Radiologist

As a cardiologist I rely closely on echocardiograms to diagnose and help patients within our community. A new ultrasound machine at BGH will deliver higher quality test results, faster.  Through your generous donation, you will help provide improved care to cardiac patients, now and into the future.”

Dr. Jamie Hynd, Cardiologist

The Foundation’s Annual Appeal will run until December 31, 2019. Anyone wishing to support this year’s Annual Appeal can do so by any of the following methods;

  • Online donations can be made at www.bdhfoundation.com
  • Or, by Calling the foundation’s direct line at: 613-345-4478
  • Or, by mailing a personal cheque to: The Brockville and District Hospital Foundation, 75 Charles Street, Brockville, ON K6V 1S8 (Please note in the memo line that your donation is for the Annual Appeal).

Pictured with one of BGH’s current ultrasound machine are, Behrooz Izadi, Manager of Diagnostic Imaging; Dr. Kevin Tyler, Radiologist; and Dr. Jamie Hynd, Cardiologist.

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