Brockville General Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Two old woman exercising

The Brockville Cardiac rehabilitation is an individualized program of exercise, education and counseling designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle and reduce your risk of future heart events and health problems. Cardiac rehabilitation is "the sum of activities required to ensure the individual’s best possible physical, psychological, social, vocational and emotional status so that individuals may, by their own efforts, resume and maintain an optimal quality of life within the context of their family and their community.”

Events that support this program:


We are very fortunate to have the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program available to us right here in our own community.
After experiencing a cardiac event a year ago, my confidence was very shaken, and I have to admit, I was scared and worried about my future.  What "would never happen to me", had happened.
In addition to feeling very safe reintroducing physical activity into my life, I have also attended the session on heart healthy eating and, soon to start, stress management. The staff have been very caring and very knowledgeable, and have made me gladly want to put the effort and time in for my own health.
Attending the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at BGH has made me feel very confident in my ability to get out there and live my life again. THANK YOU!

B.G., Former program participant