Needs List

Specialty Blood Pressure Machine

Used to take a series of automatic blood pressures and then averages the total for a more accurate blood pressure reading. 
It also uses an IntelliSense technology to automatically determine the correct amount of pressure making it faster and more comfortable for the patients.

2 needed - Cost: $1,650 each. 


Digital Wheelchair Scale with Ramp for Medical/Surgical Units. 

Wide platform accommodates wheelchairs and also provides a comfortable weighing experience for bariatric patients.

One needed - Cost: $1,780.


CARESCAPE V100 portable vital signs monitor needed for the Medical /Surgical Unit


On the unit, the patient’s vital signs are closely monitored as part of their ongoing clinical assessment. Having an automatic blood pressure monitor provides a clinician with the ability to monitor and take readings as necessary that are fast, accurate and more comfortable for patients, in order to provide a clear clinical picture.

Five needed - Cost: $5,000 each